Silence and the Lambs


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We have resumed work at Peel Cottage after a month-long lay-off. Business commitments and a poorly ‘other half’ had kept us away but on Saturday we returned and the whirr of the sander and subsequent white dust cloud was soon emerging from our little haven.

Having completed the decoration of two bedrooms we’d decided on a ‘preparation strategy’ – shutting the doors on the said rooms and getting the rest of the house ready for the paint and finishing touches. This meant sanding all the rough plaster work, filler and painted surfaces.

There’s only so much of this a contact lens wearer can take, so the following day I swapped the fog for the rain – dodging April showers to do a bit of gardening. Peel Cottage doesn’t have a huge garden but it’s well planted with roses and hardy perennials which are just emerging in snug borders. There’s also a paved front to the road which has planted areas and it was while I had my head down harvesting a great crop of couch grass roots that I noticed the light suddenly change and a few raindrops appear.

I headed inside just in time, as the rain came down in stair rods accompanied by hail but 15 minutes later the storm had passed, the skies were blue and I ventured outside again. The birdsong seemed amplified in the wake of the storm, cutting through the silence of the late afternoon, the aural rural landscape broken by the intermittent bleat of sheep and the reply of young lambs.

Two days of hard graft have left use tired and aching but the stillness of Dilwyn after the storm and its accompanying symphony of nature was a beautiful reward.

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