As One Door Closes…


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We have spent the last few weekends ‘drying out’. This had nothing to do with an excess of Herefordshire cider but the plumbing problems ‘on high’, the solution to which is still in the hands of our insurer and awaited quotes from builders.

Given the situation our great strides of progress have been somewhat stunted and work at Peel Cottage has been limited to the areas that haven’t required blasting by our ‘Damp Darleks’ – the dehumidifiers.

So we set to work on the front door stripping it of its many coats of of old varnish (a great deterrent for bingo wings) and ‘aging’ the patch-up which was a fill for the old cat flap (sadly Oscar, the grey Burmese, pictured in our home page slider left with his ‘mum’, the previous owner of the cottage).

We carefully matched the colour and had a seamless over all tone…until we applied the new varnish and it was as evident as ever! We will have to be happy with ‘character’ I suppose.

"Plenty of Room"

Nick paints the bathroom

We’ve also made headway with the bathroom, painting our way around the obstacle course that is the bathroom suite. Of course, ideally you’d paint before fitting but due to builder availability (or in most cases unavailability…or should that be inability?) we are where we are. This meant applying ‘101 interesting positions in which to paint a bathroom’ including getting into the shower cubicle in order to roller the ceiling!

Shower doors and front doors closed behind us, we were able to cross the now re-opened threshold of the Crown Inn. It was the weekend of the scheduled Dilwyn Show, which sadly was rained off, but the village turned out in force to support its saved hostelry which has been purchased by the village council using a public works loan.

It now has some temporary tenants who were doing good business in its opening few days, has undergone a decorative refresh and offers an extended menu of bar snacks.

Sadly, our gruelling efforts menat that we arrived too late for food and had to make do with a couple of bags of Tyrrels and a few drinks. But the company was delightful and we wound our weary way home – a two hour drive – in good cheer and having taken a few positive steps foward in our journey to completing our little haven.