The Glamping Stage Diver


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Move over Glastonbury – Dilwyn is the place to fine-tune your stage-diving technique!

We recently spent our first night in Peel Cottage – not the cosy affair that you might imagine but a tiny sanctuary of calm in the debris of our building site. This consists of a single room (fully decorated) and one double inflatable matress. You’re probably already getting the picture…the matress is sandwiched between opposing skirting boards and the only way to reach ‘resting state’ was to make a gentle dive to the top.

This would have been fine if the bed was fully inflated but on arriving at the cottage late one Friday night, we still had to put it up, were minus the instruction and minus a lightbulb in the bedroom. During the night if Nick moved, I felt the floor and getting out of bed? It would have been easier with a winch and pully.

Flood 2
Mopping up again

This mildly comical affair sealed the night of another minor disaster. It had been the week of freak storms which had raged across the Midlands and North East. Herefordshire had its fair share of rain and when we opened the door to the cottage, the ground floor was again awash – this time with excess rainwater which had swept off the already sodden hill, across the courtyard lawn and under our front door. More mopping up ensued. The smell of damp plaster once again invaded the house. And then we had to sort out sleeping arrangements.

Fortunately, the delays from the first flood meant that we’ve been waiting for the builders and insurance companies to sort out what’s needed and there was little in place to be wrecked a second time. However, a storm drain has been added to our list of building ‘wants’ even though our neighbours claim we were just incredibly unlucky and they haven’t seen weather like it for 30 years.

Tidy beds

Our recents visits to the cottage have actually been accompanied by some sunny days and as Nick was busy completing the bathroom – standing room for one only – it gave me the opportunity to sort out the garden which needed a bit of decluttering (Geranium overkill). The end result was very pleasing, resulting in the opening up of the flower beds and room for one or two additions.

Lovely beams

Completing the bathroom decoration saw us treating the newly cleaned up beams with Danish oil. Their rough textures fairly ‘drank up’ the finish but left them protected and with a beautiful dark and rich finish and a lovely contrast against the cream paintwork.

We’re hopeful that this week our plumber will have been in to replace the header tank which will mean on our next visit we might have running water!

Because the flood had been caused by the old tank, we’ve been a little nervous of filling it with too much water in case the weight caused it to come crashing through the ceiling. Boiling kettles for washes have been required – it’s been like some sort of scout camp!

Still, as glamping goes at least I’ve had somewhere to plug in my hairdryer and ceramic straighteners! What more could a girl need?




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