Sporting Triumph and Golden Memories


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While Tom Daley was limbering up for a 25m plunge into the Olympic pool, at Peel Cottage, we were looking forward to our own aquatic adventure. The electric shower was now fitted and working! Having completed the decoration of the stairs and landing, we were looking forward to a little relaxation time before the next leg of the marathon effort got underway.

On Friday evening the Travelling Morris were set to pay a visit to our newly re-opened Crown. The day had been a hot one and so, in preparation for venturing out in public, I stepped into the lovely new quadrant shower and washed away the grime and traces of Dulux emulsion.

The Travelling Morris

The Travelling Morris

From the bathroom window I could hear the jangle of bells as the Morris men prepared to get underway.  We scooted over, grabbed a drink and looked for somewhere to perch in order to watch the entertainment unfold.

At one of the picnic tables, a grey-haired gentleman sat with his wife who was in a wheelchair. We asked if we could join them and soon learned that they too were newcomers to the village. Colin and Marjorie had moved in just that week but in the process Marjorie had slipped had slipped in the garden of the Derbyshire home that they were vacating and had ended up immobilised and in a cast.

The Travelling Morris in action

We enjoyed an hour or so watching the Morris and chatting to our new friends, occasionally interrupted by a colourful dragon (for the purposes of this performance called Dilwyn) who every so often interrupted the conversation by straining his head between us and snapping together his wooden jaws.

A dragon called Dilwyn

A dragon called Dilwyn

We continued to work on through the weekend. The decoration moved downstairs, the kitchen and living room ceiling had their first coat of paint – a process slowed down ever so slightly by an inability to remove the spotlighting fitments.  They had ever so slightly become embedded into the plaster skim!

I spent quite a bit of time weeding and tidying the garden.  As they say, gardening is as much about control as it is nature. We also had a couple of new residents, a wire-framed cock and a princely frog (complete with crown) who are to grace the grounds. We named them Wiggo and Cav in homage to the cycling duo!

Cav and Wiggo - we salute you!

Cav and Wiggo – we salute you!

Our Olympic endeavours were almost at an end. Sunday arrived which heralded our return home. We put in one last day’s momentous effort, stopping for a break late in the afternoon, sat in the garden and listened to the tennis match which had pitched Andy Murray against Roger Federer.

What a perfect afternoon. The sun was shining. We ate mint ice cream on the patio and listened with bated breath, to the ‘pock, pock, pock’, of every rally as Murray swept his way to a golden victory.

What an end to a tiring but wonderful week. We’re now on the last lap. A little more work and our lovely cottage will be its own sporting triumph.



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