What Rotten Luck!


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This is a bit of a retrospective one – it’s taken me a few weeks to get over the shock – but our lovely little cottage had a problem…it’s huge base timber was rotten. We discovered this after inviting a timber specialist to advise us on cleaning up the interior beams and he offered to “take a look around the outside”. Unfortunately the knife slid straight into the soft wood which had previously been packed (Hereford Times circa 1982) and filled over the top. As the filler started to crack and shrink, the newspaper acted like a sponge and the “rotten” process continued for another 28 years!

Rotten timber


The instigator has been a leaky gutter/drainpipe and the damage had not only effected the base timber but also the verticals and repairing them would wreck the wall panels.

We were warned that the work would be so invasive that it would mean the whole end of the house being propped up, so the ground floor interior work would need to stop and the new kitchen which was to occupy that end of the house to stay in boxes.

The expert who found the damage was tied up on a job in Worcester for three months and couldn’t take on the work so reeling from the news we went to drown our sorrows at The Crown.

Our neighbour, Gill, provided us with details of a local builder who vast experience of sorting out half timbered houses was well proven over the next few weeks. Graham and his team did a wonderful job that we didn’t get to see in action but we were told was quite a spectacle involving props, winches and the clever manoeveuring of a HUGE piece of oak.

New timbers


The house was made secure while the panels were put back in place and when we got to see the end result it was like a magnificent television reveal…a truly wonderful sight.

The exterior of the cottage now looks magnificent and we are now moving ahead with the very l-o-n-g “to do” list which will revitalise the interior!

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